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Well, this is exciting......

Well, isn't this just a little bit exciting, after 7 years I finally have a website.

I started selling in the handmade world just like many others while I was pregnant with my first son and no one would give a recently relocated 18 week pregnant over qualified lady a minimum wage job. I have however been sewing for as long as I can remember.  When I was a child I used to go along with my mum to her sewing group, the only kid surrounded by all the ladies, and I held my own. What ever I could make I did, I made my first quilt when I was 11, and I still have it now, some 28 years later. I also made clothes, for myself and others and even made my own formal dress. 

Things in life came and went but I always had a sewing machine, the first was a Janome hand me down from mum which I used until I could no longer buy spare parts for.  If any of my friends needed a hem done (or a horse rug fixed) they asked me. 

After having my first son and finding myself unable to find suitable employment I started sewing, firstly making hobby horses and baby items. I named my business Harley Barley Designs after my horse Harley.  After some time and 250 hobby horses, I got a bit into bag making and I found my calling, I also found a new more grown up business name Harley B Handmade. I love making bags, and I also love designing bags.  Over the last 12-18 months I have had more and more desire to design, rather then to just sew all day every day.  I love to design, I love looking at something and mentally deconstructing and reconstructing it in my mind, I do it without even realising.  So I started just making patterns for myself, and then eventually created a few patterns for others.

Recently my Nana passed away, she was 94 and had sewn most of her life, she made pretty much all of her clothing, and was also a dedicated quilter. After she passed away at the funeral my Aunty asked if I wanted to go down and collect up all her sewing gear, as Nan would of wanted me to have it, being the only grandchild that sewed, a few of her things I will keep forever.  She also asked if I could finish the quilt Nan had been working on as she hated that it was unfinished.  Its a hand pieced hexagon quilt, I have added some boarders and will soon quilt it and I'll give to my Uncle (her youngest son) for Christmas.  Just like Nan, I love quilting and I love hand pieced hexies. 

I'm hoping to make regular blog posts and offer some helpful tips and tricks for everyone, as well as offer you all some excellent tried and tested products and of course PATTERNS.

As always with this sort of big moments in life (a website is big isn't it?) there is always someone to thank. So firstly my other half Mark, who will probably never read this, but without his on going support and financing my fabric addition I would probably not of achieved half of what I have. My boys, who definitely wont read this, Levi and Max for telling people mummy is good at sewing and asking me to make them things. My mum, who might read this, for teaching me to sew, even if now she asks me for help. And then to a few friends, my Hexie girls, especially Felicity, Melisa and Sherrilee because you have always been there for me and our trip to Sydney is one of the best memories I have. And lastly Kellee for always being just a message away and for telling me what colour lining I should use on a bag. 


Now, let's get this party started.

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